The Truth Behind Honesty

I am a big fan of people who are candid.  And not just the honesty that is laced with kind words and gentle smiles. But, the awkward honesty; the truth-telling that can make you cringe with the thought, “Did they really just say that?”   For me, these people are a refreshing glass of water, in a society filled with patent answers and responses.

And I’ve noticed it’s in the authentic exchange of misplaced, fumbling words that people have the exquisite freedom to be themselves.  And aren’t we all secretly searching for that?  A sacred space to share our truth with unveiled faces.

During this season I have learnt this powerful truth:  share the truth, even if your voice shakes.  And, let me just state this:  I have said things that may have been better left unsaid, I used words that I didn’t even think were part of my vocabulary and I had to apologize to people for my rigorous honesty, more than once.

But, I showed up for myself regardless of the consequences.

Being honest is intimidating; it can hold fears of potential rejection, abandonment and expectations.  But, speaking light into the darkness allows you to be unbound from yourself.

I believe  God yearns for a deeper level of intimacy with Himself and within the community He created.  We do this by sharing our truth with God.  God yearns for us to tell him everything – from the secrets, to the lies, to the hopes and unmet dreams; He is the One who wants to meet you where you’re at — when we practice honesty with Him we begin to see His perspective into all of our situations.   The beautiful aspect about God is that he’s not going to punish you for speaking your heart, in fact He’s going to welcome and embrace every part of you. And it’s through a healthy relationship with God we can practice the beautiful balance between being safe and being vulnerable with those around us.  It’s in knowing profound truth that we can lean into our story, instead of running from it, and gently encourage others to do the same. Will you join me in seeking raw truth? In standing your position, holding your ground. We are worth freedom.


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