The Beauty in the Impossible



It’s the beginning of fall – the leaves have changed to warm coloured tones, the temperature has suddenly dropped, and the rain has begun to downpour almost everyday, leaving no room for sunlight. In retrospect, I know now the power of light, and when we have those days where the sliver of sunlight has etched it’s warmth into one of our days of consistent rain, I hold those days with gratitude; it’s extremely liberating when light penetrates long seasons of darkness. Yet, as the season changes, like many of you, I am praying for a transition in my life.

What’s been giving me hope is the truth found in the verse in Matthew 19:26, “With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible” ( New Living Translation).

You see man/woman has human limitations. We can easily be frail in our best disposition. Wearing masks to suit the needs of society, we cannot save ourselves. Let’s really take a look at this. Would we honestly want to be the answer to our problem?

Some of us can easily error on the side of being judgmental, hypocritical, while desperately wanting connection all that same time.   We brilliant contradictory humans need something more stable, more constant, something more at rest, but can simultaneously give us rest; because most of us are anything, but at rest in our own strength.

And that’s okay, there’s beautiful freedom in admitting that.

You see, when I choose to “…believe ALL things are possible with God” (Matt19:26, NLT) It’s as though I don’t have to strive to make the changes happen.

I don’t have to force healing; trying to manipulate, coerce and problem-solve my way to into freedom.

I don’t have to coerce loving those around me, it’s natural with pure motives.

I can boldly hope.

And, I can take healthy action without fear that will allow me to grow as a person and better aid others.

It’s because I’m relying on a God that can do the supernatural in those around me and myself.

If you’re yearning for change in area of your life this season, I would love for you to know it IS possible with Him. Nothing is too big, too small, too complex, too insignificant or, too overwhelming for Him to deal with. But, sometimes our timeline for answered prayer is not His timeline, and when we grasp that, it creates room for acceptance and a peace that is supernatural.


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