Can a Hairstyle Really Change Your Life?

All of me wants to scream, “YES!!!” to that surface, yet authentic question.  For the previous two weeks I was on the hunt for a new hairstyle– ample free time has that effect on some of us.   I was thinking a highlighted, blonde “lob”, or keeping my long tresses and dying them dark.   And for those of you who may not be familiar with the term “lob”, a lob is a long bob.  Regardless I went with the former choice.   I was genuinely excited about getting a new hairstyle.  It’s been around nine months since I got my last colour, and well, seasons change and that means my hair must too.

Yet if I’m going to be transparent, a “tiny” part of me naively thought my new external representation would cause a ripple, calming effect to the chaotic situations around me.   Looking at previous evidence though my appearance hasn’t always been the defining factor for life’s outcomes. And, if it has been, then sometimes it’s better those opportunities were never granted to me in the first place.

So, to answer the question, no, I don’t think a hairstyle can change your life.  It can alter your mood for a day, maybe a week, but it cannot bring substantial change. Lasting change happens when we stop putting ourselves in predesigned, labeled boxes and accept our individualistic, unique beauty.   Transformation occurs when we embrace God’s unconditional love, and accept right where we are in the moment, because shame and striving has never been a healthy and effective catalyst for any kind of momentum.


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