5 Things I Learned in 2015


I’m excited for 2016; I have an upcoming speaking engagement, doors opening in other avenues (which will be revealed later) and an overall sense of ease and excitement. Yet, reflecting back on the year 2015, I’ve realized that the past year has been a year of momentum and major learning experiences, and here are five that I have learned:

  • God opens doors and God shuts doors – As much as I love the illusion of control, I can’t control the hand of God. Most of the amazing, brilliant opportunities that were handed to me were God-given and not forced. The ones I coerced and manipulated left me barren and ridden with anxiety and confusion.
  • It’s okay to not have an answer for everything – I don’t have a concrete, full-time job, I don’t know the career path after university and I don’t know why some people do some of the things they do. But, it’s okay to not know. Some things are not revealed to us for a particular reason, and I have to rest in the understanding of this.
  • There is a difference between passion and calling – I don’t know where I learned this from, but it left a lingering mark on my heart. There may be a deep passion in your heart to pursue something, yet is it your calling?   A calling is a “divinely inspired” inner urge to follow a certain occupation/vocation (thank you, dictionary.com).   Listen to the still, small voice in your heart and follow that with perseverance.
  • Be around people who make you feel a sense of safety, peace, yet can still challenge your ineffective, unhealthy behaviour – I’ve learned this year when I’m surrounded by people who illuminate the areas that I’d rather keep hidden, that is when growing occurs.
  • People make mistakes, forgive them and loosen the chain of expectations– If I want to be forgiven and experience grace, I better be forgiving others. Self-righteousness has gotten me nowhere time and time again.


In closing, I’ve learned and am still learning some of these lessons.  I’m grateful that 2015 was a year where God dramatically showed His hand in my life in multiple ways and despite some of my choices, never let go.   As 2016 begins, I pray that I gently let go of the things I held on so tightly to in 2015, and go into this year with the hope that He is not yet finished with this story – this wonderful, incredible, story.


One thought on “5 Things I Learned in 2015

  1. Cheryl says:

    Very good writing. So much to learn. You are so wise in your knowledge, awesome work. Love reading what you write, learn from it.


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