What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Being stuck is a feeling, that most, if not all, have gone through. It’s when you’ve done almost all you can do and there is no evidence to show for it. It’s the frustrating, nagging, almost haunting voice that says, “Do more, keep aiming, keep trying…” It can keep some of us in anxiety-induced insomnia at night, and it can cause some of us to pull the covers back in a shame-induced sleep. It affects all of us in different, but significant ways.

Yet, we have a choice in how we choose to handle being lost in the wilderness.   We can wallow in destructive thinking and habits, or we can alter our perspective. Usually when all the doors are shut tight, there is something trying to be told to us if we choose to be still and listen. So, then what do we do when things aren’t working?

  1. Be Still – What a contrary action to society’s “do more” approach. When we’re able to take a step back, reflect and ask ourselves the honest question, “What is really going on in this season?” It can create room for honest reflection and propel us into the action that would be effective for us.
  2. Stop Forcing Everything – Now, I’m a big fan of continual movement, and the whole “fake it ‘til you make it” phenomena, but if you continue acting in a way that feels forced or coerced, is it really helping with your integrity?
  3. Start writing gratitude lists – It’s a simple concept, but there is something potent when we begin focusing on all that we have, instead of concentrating on the lack in our life. We ALL have something to be grateful for and when we hone in on the blessing it causes a shift.
  4. Be willing to receive direction in a way you may not expect – Sometimes the answers to our prayers don’t necessarily look the way we may have expected, but it’s always for our greater good.
  5. Don’t be afraid to do something different – As we’ve all heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing, expecting different results”. Go out on a limb, be bold and try something outside your comfort zone.

Ultimately, it’s okay to be in a position in life where things aren’t going according to the plan for which we may have hoped. In my opinion, when we can embrace the fact that we’re not in control of this beautiful, magnificent life that was given to us, it can actually allow us to let go of the need to know answers as to why we may be “stuck.”   And at the core of that concept is freedom. So regardless if you may be stuck in this Christmas season, or things just may not be going according to “your” perfect plan, may I suggest we take a step back, be still and refocus on the things that are important, that are life giving and then take the next action?   There’s so much more that awaits for you.


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